Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New OMST Site online

We just upgraded our web servers to have a full library of oxygen multistep information. You can freely access these advanced protocols, including all of Ardenne's methods at these sites
  • Oxygen Multistep Therapy was developed by Manfred von Ardenne.  The therapy works by using a short term increase in plasma oxygen to reverse capillary swelling which blocks blood flow.
  • Altitude Contrast Training is a method that combines OMST with simulated high altitude training to enhance stress adaptivity of the body.
  • Hypoxic Fatigue is the long term effect of stress induced physiology.  Stress causes a breakdown which reduces plasma oxygen, which in turn triggers vascular inflammation and finally degeneration.  Hypoxic fatigue is describes the process that reduces cellular energy as a result of this degenerative process. 
  • WHNLive eBooks is the location of our publications which provide full video and text explanations of cell physiology emphasizing cellular energetics as a therapy priority.
  • WHNLive HowTo Library is a library of methods which describe detoxification protocols useful to restore health after a wide range of conditions.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oxygen Multistep Therapy / EWOT+ / Outperforms HBOT 5:1

Continued research indicates that the 15 OMST Minute Protocol, designed by Manfred von Ardenne, using 25-30 liters per minute of oxygen, triggers stronger physiological responses than HBOT or hyperbaric treatment. Capillary inflammation appears to resolve within 5 minutes, resulting in cyclic release of metabolic waste and acids causing a tide-like effect.

Protocol exertion is limited by clearance-capability of tidal flow of metabolic waste to the liver. This effect appears to result from plasma-oxygen saturation well in excess of 4 atmospheric partial pressures from the protocol documented by Ardenne to reverse capillary inflammation switch mechanism.

Tidal flow tests involved five NFL players who used the 25+ liter/minute with moderate exercise. These players periodically used Hyperbaric therapy, HBOT. Three of the five players experienced detoxification reactions, including increased bowel flow, and delayed sweating within 1 hour of therapy completion.

For more information visit the OMST Web site.

Ardenne's book: Oxygen Multistep Therapy - reports that this therapy variant delivers 5-10x the tissue oxygen saturation levels of Hyperbaric. Our experimental results are consistent with these published results.

Other Cases:
  • An individual diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon and asthma reported cessation of symptoms after one session. Three weeks later, there have been no asthma or Raynaud's episodes.
  • Multiple individuals who formerly reported "fatigue" have reported durable, 3+ day restoration of energy after a single 15 minute session.
  • Respiratory oxygen utilization has been observed to increase 30+ % after a single session. Results have persisted 2+ weeks.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oxygen Multistep Therapy

This is a discussion forum for Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Please limit comments to experiences regarding the program. The primary pages for this information are at:
Manfred Von Ardenne published several protocols by condtion in his book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy which are summarized here:
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